Eligible Stocks: Criteria & Adjustments

Eligible Stocks for Northbound Trading

At this stage, Shanghai Stock Connect trading is restricted to a range of eligible A Share stocks. Other products such as ETFs, bonds and B shares will not be included. SSE listed stocks that are not RMB denominated or are on the risk alert board will also not be included.

An eligible stock must be:
√ Constituent stock of the SSE 180 Index and/or
√ Constituent stock of the SSE 380 Index or
√ A-listed stock that is not included in the above indices but is dual listed in H-share market.
No. of Eligible Stocks 575
Market Cap. (RMB) 27.02 tn
Market Share (as a percentage of SSE
total market cap)
As of the end of Sep. 2017

Adjustments of Eligible Stocks for Shanghai Stock Connect

There will be an addition to the list of Eligible Stocks in the following scenarios:
√ An SSE-listed stock is removed from the risk alert board and meanwhile remains a constituent stock of SSE 180 & SSE 380 or an H-listed stock.
√ An SSE-listed stock becomes a constituent stock of SSE 180 or SSE 380.
√ A mainland company becomes dual listed either because it seeks to be A-listed or H-listed or both at the same time. For its stock to be added, it must pass the stabilization period required by relevant regulatory bodies.

An Eligible Stock will be removed if:
√ The stock is no longer a constituent stock of the relevant indices or
√ The stock is moved to the risk alert board o
√ For dual listed stock, it is no longer traded on SEHK.

In the case of a removal, investor would be able to sell and NOT buy this stock.